A light-hearted search for the possible culprit of my adult addictions - my excessive childhood consumption of...sugar

Five young long-haired western kids following the "Hippie Trail" from Istanbul to India in 1973..stop in Peshawar, Pakistan to celebrate New Year's

If you run a Gallery Café, anyone can walk through your doors...if it's on a small island without police anything can happen

A series of unfortunate events...if you believe bad luck happens in threes you suffer from Triaphilia, but we've all been there. Here's a short story ...View Details

An interview with internationally acclaimed Contemporary Impressionist painter Terrill Welch

This is Chapter 2 in the narrative surrounding The Accidental Curator...the early days of setting up, exploration, gratitude...and tarts!

A true story of narrowly avoiding the horrible fate that befell 9 innocent people in central BC on August 28, 1972...

An interview with Mixed Media & Collage artist Famous Empty Sky, who is currently residing on Mayne Island

"Finding Shavasana" is the first Chapter in the story of The Accidental Curator. The searching, the indecisiveness, the waffling, and finally, the fin...View Details

This introduction gives - as you might expect - a rough outline of the content of The Accidental Curator as I see future Episodes evolving. My intenti...View Details

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